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Don Bettis at Hear Well Hearing Care Centre

Don Bettis, with his antique clock

This hearing aid center was built upon the premise of personal care and personal service, one person at a time. My favorite experience is activating a person’s digital hearing aid for the first time. I have an antique clock that makes a tic-toc sound, and when they can hear that clock for the first time, it is a sweet moment.

It’s beautiful to see people visit with their loved ones without any communication difficulties. We do make a difference in people’s lives, one person at a time.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

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EarQ Binax hearing aid“Come in to see Don for a free hearing test and listen to his new NX hearing system. It is truly an awesome hearing experience. I can hear better now in every hearing situation.” - Arnie Hilliard

Proud Partner of HearStrong

HearStrong at Hear Well Hearing Care Centre

HearStrong was founded in 2013 with the goal of inspiring a mass hearing healthcare awareness movement. An estimated 48 million Americans experience hearing loss, and 80% of these individuals let it go unaddressed. This could be due to barriers such as social stigmas, financial difficulties, lack of awareness and resources, and more. In response to this need, HearStrong began recognizing and sharing the stories of remarkable people with hearing loss in an effort to empower and inspire others to take control of their hearing health. The HearStrong Foundation recognizes outstanding adults and children with hearing loss and gives them a platform to empower and serve others in need of hearing care.

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Preferred Provider of the NFL Players Association

NFLPA at Hear Well Hearing Care Centre

Hear Well Hearing Care Centre is a proud partner of the NFL Players Association's Professional Athletes Foundation with the goal to bring better hearing to former professional athletes and their fans across the nation. We are proud to care for former professional athletes and fit them with hearing aids. Call today to learn more about our partnership!

Events with Hear Well Hearing Care Centre

Man playing piano Taylorville IL

New Location! Taylorville Moose

The Taylor Trio have moved their monthly show to the Taylorville Moose:

720 Mc Adam Dr.
Taylorville, IL 62568

We look forward to seeing you there!


Did you know insurance companies are paying for many hearing aids? Hear Well Center is now credentialed to offer great hearing technology with up to $5000 paid through your insurance company benefits.

Call us for more information or to schedule your hearing assessment.

Hearing Healthcare News

Hearing Aid Accessories for Every Lifestyle

Hearing aids can be equipped with numerous accessories that can help you get the most out of them to better enhance your hearing. Learn more!

Hearing Loss and Balance: Is There a Connection?

At Hear Well Hearing Care in Taylorville, IL, our hearing specialists can help you manage your hearing loss and help you feel steady on your feet again. Learn More!

Tips to Keep Your Ears Healthy

At Hear Well Hearing Care, we know that ear health is a crucial part of your overall well-being. Learn more about how to keep your ears healthy!

Tips for Preventing Cognitive Decline

At Hear Well Hearing Care, we care about your overall health and well-being. Discover some ways you can prevent cognitive decline and continue to feel your best.

Communicating While Wearing a Face Mask

At Hear Well Hearing Care, we want to make your hearing health a top priority during these unprecedented times. Learn some tips for how to communicate better with a mask on!

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