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Hear Well Hearing Care Centre was built upon the premise of personal care and personal service, one person at a time. Our favorite part of being in the hearing healthcare industry is when we activate a patient’s digital hearing aid for the first time. We have an antique clock in our office that makes a tic-toc sound, and when they can hear that clock for the first time, it is an unforgettable moment.

It’s beautiful to see people visit with their loved ones without any communication difficulties. We are grateful to be able to make a difference in our patient’s lives, one person at a time.

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Father holding son in a field in West Des Moines, IA

Why Choose Hear Well Hearing Care Centre?

At Hear Well Hearing Care Centre, we believe in providing the people of Taylorville with comprehensive hearing care. Our Hearing Instrument Specialist, Don Bettis, has first-hand experience with hearing loss as he wears a hearing aid himself. Don will thoroughly explain your hearing loss and will help you find a hearing aid that will allow you to hear the voices of your loved ones again. Don tests out all of the hearing aids we carry. When we receive new hearing aids from a manufacturer, Don will wear the hearing aid for a few weeks to see how it works and if it’s a device he feels will help his patients.

With over 29 years of experience in the hearing healthcare field, Don will be able to help you with every step of your hearing journey. Our hearing practice also works with a variety of insurance providers, including United Care and Aetna. If you have hearing loss and you are worried about affording hearing aids, then call our office. Between our competitive prices on hearing aids and our acceptance of most insurance providers, we can help you afford hearing care.

Father holding son in a field in West Des Moines, IA
Woman on phone next to her dog in Windsor Heights, IA
Woman on phone next to her dog in Windsor Heights, IA

What to Expect at Your First Appointment

When you arrive, you will fill out an application to let us know your medical history and what medications you are taking. When you have finished filling out your application, then we will bring you back to our office. We will have a conversation with you to get to know you and Don will ask you some questions about your hearing.

  1. After our conversation we will perform a hearing test. The hearing test is free and measures the degree of your hearing loss.
  2. We will also perform a complete assessment of your auditory system, including bone conduction, air conduction, and speech recognition tests. We will explain each test as we perform them and answer any of your questions.
  3. After your hearing exam we will thoroughly explain the results of your audiogram.
  4. If you have a hearing loss, then we will demo a pair of hearing aids in our office. You can try them in your ears and see how they fit and feel.
  5. If you are interested in hearing aids, we also provide a free trial, so you can take the hearing aids home and try them in your own listening environments.
HearStrong at Hear Well Hearing care centre in Des Moines, IA

Why We Partner with The HearStrong Foundation

Hear Well Hearing Care Centre is a proud partner of the HearStrong Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping people get the hearing care they need. 80% of people who have hearing loss let it go untreated. HearStrong aims to close this gap by tackling common barriers to care such as social stigmas, financial difficulties, lack of awareness, resources, and more.

HearStrong’s Efforts Include:

  • Sharing the stories of remarkable people with hearing loss
  • Connecting people with hearing loss to providers who can help them
  • Gifting hearing aids to those in need
HearStrong at Hear Well Hearing Care Center in Des Moines, IA

As a practice dedicated to helping everyone get the hearing care they deserve,

HearStrong’s mission is very important to us.

NFLPA logo
NFLPA logo

Preferred Provider of the NFL Players Association

Hear Well Hearing Care Centre is a preferred hearing care provider for the NFL Players Association’s Professional Athletes Foundation. Through this partnership, the PAF aims to bring better hearing to former professional athletes and their fans across the nation. Together, we spread awareness, help players in need of hearing care, and collected data on the connection between hearing loss and professional football.

Insurance Accepted

We will file for you with all approved insurance companies. Contact us for more information.


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