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Set a Goal for Your Hearing

Your hearing is an important part of your well-being and overall health. You most likely make health goals that you want to reach to encourage you to be your best and most active self. Have you ever considered trying hearing goals?

Hearing goals are a great way to push you out of your comfort zone and to discover the different types of listening environments that you can participate in. Whether you are a new hearing aid wearer or you just received a new hearing device, hearing goals will help you adjust and feel confident with your hearing ability.

What Are Hearing Goals?

Hearing goals are used to measure how well you can hear in different listening environments and situations. They can range in difficulty and will help you adjust to your hearing aids and push you to participate in new social settings. Some examples of hearing goals include:

  • Talking on the phone with your children or grandchildren
  • Having a conversation with a small group of friends
  • Attending an outdoor event
  • Visiting a restaurant
  • Listening to live music
  • Going to the theater
  • Conversing in a large group of people

These are some examples of goals you can set for your hearing! In addition, it is good to make active listening one of your hearing goals. Active listening will help you focus on the sounds around you. You can practice naming the sounds and seeing how many soft sounds you can recognize with your hearing aids in. Active listening is a great exercise for your brain because it will keep your mind feeling active and healthy.

Track Your Goals

If you make a hearing goal, we recommend writing it down so you can track your progress. Depending on what kind of hearing aid you have, many of the newer devices have Bluetooth and can be connected to an app on your smartphone. Through the manufacturer app you can make and track your hearing goals. This will keep all of your progress in a convenient location.

Contact Us for Support

If you need any help with your hearing aids, you need an adjustment, hearing aid cleaning, or fine tuning, we would be happy to help you. Your hearing is an important part of your well-being, and we want you to enjoy all of the special moments life has to offer. Contact us today for a hearing aid check-up or if you would like to discuss the new technology that can help you attain all of your hearing goals.